4Batz Drops His Debut Mixtape ‘U Made Me A St4r’ Featuring Ye

The artist was recently announced as Apple Music's Up Next artist.

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Today marks the a start, for 4batz as his debut project, appropriately named “u made me a st4r ” has been officially released.

The artist hailing from Dallas, Texas at 20 years old is undeniably on the rise. He has already secured a spot in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart before unveiling an album. With the launch of ‘U Made Me A St4r’ this Friday we can expect huge things for him on the music charts in the days

The 11 song mixtape features a revamped version of “act iii; on god?” with Ye, this collaboration seems fitting, like the rework of “act ii; date @ 8” featuring Drake back, in March. Interestingly Batz’s debut album is being distributed by Drakes OVO label.

Before his release 4batz was spotlighted as Apple Musics Next artist. As part of this feature he starred in a film where he recounted his journey to fans. According to Batz his early experiences dealing with evictions and being immersed in music courtesy of his mother and grandmother significantly shaped his upbringing.

Batz described how he fused the melodies he learned from his grandmother and mother with the environment of his upbringing leading to the sound he produces today. That’s the approach he takes towards his music merging aspects from two worlds.

Listen to u made me a st4r below.