Altercation Breaks Out During Stunna Girl’s Performance After Rapper Is Touched Inappropriately by Fan

Her husband, RichMula500, and her security entered the crowd to avenge the 25-year-old rapper.

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Arnold Turner/Getty Images for The Zeus Network

Stunna Girl was involved in an incident during her stage performance, over the weekend with a fan which quickly escalated.

Suzanne Sade Brown, a 21 year rapper and media personality took the stage at a Spring Fest event held at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, New York on Friday night.

In footage shared by TMZ from the festival Stunna was lightly slapped on the backside by an individual in the audience. Despite appearing unfazed she was later seen whispering to her husband, RichMula500 as identified by TMZ.

In the video RichMula engaged in an interaction with a man suspected of being involved in the incident amidst a gathering crowd.

While RichMula did not initiate any confrontation a person intervened by forcefully restraining the alleged perpetrator and bringing him to the ground leading to some scuffles and chaos ensuing.

Stunna attempted to intervene but was swiftly guided away for safety precautions.