Bobby Shmurda Says DSPs Do Not Playlist Him Because He Doesn’t Paint His Nails

Bobby Shmurda says releasing new music is "pointless."

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Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda has been away, from the music scene for quite some time now. He feels that streaming services are snubbing his songs from playlists because he doesn’t paint his nails.

Recently Bobby Shmurda took to Instagram to address his fans who have been eagerly awaiting music from him. In his post he mentioned that streaming platforms and music blogs are hesitant to promote his tracks due to his lack of nail polish.

He expressed frustration over facing pressure to conform to norms in order for his music to be featured on American DSPs and music blogs. Bobby believes this situation will remain the same until there are changes made by those in charge of these platforms.

While Bobby did not provide evidence for his claims other rappers have also expressed concerns about the expectations placed on artists regarding nail painting.

During an Instagram session in April Fat Joe shared his thoughts that male rappers who paint their nails and carry purses may be doing so for attention seeking purposes and, with hopes of boosting their streaming numbers.

Fat Joe noticed in a video that this trend seems like a fashion statement inspiring others to experiment with painting their nails carrying a bag and incorporating these elements into their style.

While it might be unexpected for some to see rappers sporting nail polish it isn’t a requirement, for success in the rap industry.

Lil Yachty, the founder of Crete nail polish brand has faced criticism from fans and peers over the years for his nail art choices. Despite this the Atlanta rapper sees nail art as a way to express himself than associating it with femininity.

Various artists, like Tyler, The Creator, Machine Gun Kelly YoungBoy Never Broke Again Trippie Redd and others have embraced nail painting as part of their styles. It’s important to recognize that not everyone may appreciate nail art.

In the end Bobby Shmurda doesn’t have to start painting his nails to get his music featured on playlists.