Diddy Files Motion To Dismiss Claims Made In Sexual Assault Lawsuit

According to the woman, she alleges that the mogul had drugged and sexually assaulted her during her time as a student at Syracuse University.

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Diddy has kept a low profile recently despite facing some allegations and having his properties, in Los Angeles and Miami searched. However his legal team has been actively working on his case.

There are documents circulating that suggest the mogul is contesting claims made against him in a sexual assault lawsuit concerning an alleged incident from 1991. Joi Dickerson Neal, a woman who alleges that the Bad Boy founder drugged and assaulted her while she was, at Syracuse University made these accusations. Diddys legal team argues that some of the claims were made under laws that did not exist at the time of the alleged incident and they are seeking to have them dismissed.

Neals lawyers focused on addressing allegations related to revenge porn and human trafficking. They claimed that Puff recorded the incident in question and shared it within the music industry. The singer known for his hit song “I Need A Girl” has refuted Neals accusations stating they are fabricated.

In November 2023 Joi Dickerson Neal took action around the time Diddys ex girlfriend Cassie filed a lawsuit accusing him of rape and sex trafficking. The issue was settled out of court thereafter.

Neal claims that she had dinner, with the chairman of REVOLT in Harlem in January 1991. After dinner he drove her to a recording studio where as per the lawsuit Neal asserts that she was drugged by the man referred to as “Brother Love.” This left her incapacitated and unable to stand or walk on her own. They then proceeded to his residence for the night, where he purportedly recorded himself sexually assaulting her. Allegedly a “sex tape” of the incident was viewed by her friend and others.

The lawsuit also includes Bad Boy Entertainment, Bad Boy Records and Combs Enterprises as defendants. However his legal team argues that these entities cannot be held responsible under the law since both were established after the alleged incident occurred; Bad Boy was founded in 1993 and Combs Enterprises in 2013.

Recently Diddy has faced challenges including a recent lawsuit for sexual assault filed by producer Lil Rod. The lawsuit claims that Diddy engaged in conduct in the music industry and made Lil Rod work on music projects while Diddy showered in the bathroom during their collaboration on The Love Album; Off The Grid, in October 2023.

He later amended the complaint claiming that Diddy had hired Daphne Joy, who was once, in a relationship with 50 Cent as one of his employees. The G-Unit leader has consistently shared his thoughts on all the matters involving the Making The Band star. Took the opportunity to poke fun at his supposed connection to the drama.

“I didn’t know you was a sex worker,” he wrote with eye emojis in a now-deleted Instagram post. “You little sex worker. LOL *laughing emoji* Yo this sh*t is a movie.”