Drake Apparently Responds to Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Track with New Track ‘Push Ups’

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On Saturday a leaked recording of Drake surfaced online where he appeared to be calling out Kendrick Lamar, Future, Rick Ross, The Weeknd and others. People are debating whether the song is genuine or if it was created by artificial intelligence.

On the new “Push Up” track, Drake says, “I can be nobody’s number one fan/ Your first number one, I had to put it in your hand/ You p**sies can’t get booked outside America for nan’/ I’m out in Tokyo because I’m big in Japan.”

Many suspect this was aimed at Future, who supposedly dissed Drake on the intro of his and Metro Boomins album “WE DON’T TRUST YOU.” Then he shifted focus to Lamar saying “Tough on record, in my city it was friend zone/ You won’t ever take no chain off of us/ How the f**k you big steppin’ with size seven men’s on?/ This the bark with the bite, n**ga, what’s up?”

Drake continued to critique the Compton rapper with lines such, as “You better do that motherf**kin’ show inside the bitty/ Maroon 5 need a verse, you better make it witty/ Then we need a verse for the Swifties/ Top say drop, you better drop and give ’em 50.”

He later mentioned in the song “You ain’t in no Big Three, SZA got you wiped down/ Travis got you wiped down, Savage got you wiped down/ Like your label, boy, you in a scope right now/ And you gon’ feel the aftermath of what I write down/ I’m at the top of the mountain, so you tight now/ Just to have this talk with yo’ a**, I had to hike down/ Big difference between Mike then and Mike now.”

Many people think Drake was subtly took shots at Rick Ross as well saying “I might take your latest girl and cuff her like I’m Ricky/ Can’t believe he jumpin’ in, this n**ga turnin’ 50/ Every song that made it on the chart, he got from Drizzy.”

The artist, from For All The Dogs music label seems to have criticized Ja Morant, Metro Boomin and The Weeknd while also taunting Lamar to release a track that he’s supposedly kept under wraps for years.