Drake Officially Gets Dismissed from Astroworld Lawsuit

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Drake has recently been removed from the Astroworld Festival lawsuit that stemmed from the events of the 2021 festival where 10 people lost their lives. Judge Kristen Hawkins granted Drakes dismissal motions while denying requests, from defendants on April 8 and 10 as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

The famous rapper, known for hits like “Hotline Bling” was named in the documents due to his appearance as a guest at the festival where a fatal crowd incident occurred. The judge decided to dismiss all claims against Drake with prejudice emphasizing that he bore no responsibility for the events security or safety measures.

However the plea to exclude Apple Inc., Travis Scott and two of his companies as defendants was turned down by a judge in Harris County. Scotts legal team claimed “Performers are not expected to render special protection to the audience, nor to safeguard them from the rest of the crowd.”. They maintained that Travis Scott, creator of “Goosebumps” should not be personally liable for attendees well being.

In their submission on March 11 Apples lawyers denied any involvement in organizing the concert clarifying that their role “limited to Travis Scott’s performance, which was just one of many during the two-day event.” among others during the two day event. Apple has criticized the lack of evidence provided by the plaintiffs to back up their claims.

Travis Scott’s record label Epic Records, Darryl Platt, Eighteentwentysix LLC, ParaDocs Worldwide Inc, Re:Source Event Group, Scoremore LLC, and Scoremore MGMT LLC were reportedly also dismissed from the litigation.