J. Cole ‘Ignored’ by Dealership While Shopping for Tesla Cybertruck

It appeared that Cole was checking out the Cybertruck at a Tesla dealership in New York.

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J. Cole
Astrida Valigorsky/WireImage

Many fans might be surprised to learn that J. Cole isn’t as recognizable as they think.

A video shared on TikTok captured a moment at a Tesla dealership where a rapper, from North Carolina, J. Cole was spotted checking out the Cybertruck. Despite his Grammy winning status the staff seemed focused on other customers, including the TikTok user featured in the video.

“J Cole & I shopping for teslas at the same time while the manager kept ignoring him bc he didn’t know who he was & continued persuading me to place the order for a car,” the video caption read. Despite not receiving any treatment or acknowledgment J. Cole remained unfazed and unconcerned reflecting his laid back attitude towards being treated like a person.

In May there was a sighting of J. Cole relaxing at a beach after offering an apology to Kendrick Lamar for releasing a freestyle in response, to K. Dots verse. The TikToker shared that she visited the beach for some peace of mind and coincidentally ran into J.Cole there. They snapped a photo together while Cole sported his attire with headphones plugged into a laptop.

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J. Cole has been keeping a profile ever since he took a break from the music scene after bowing out of the battle with Kendrick Lamar. He hasn’t been as active in releasing music, which has left fans eagerly awaiting his comeback in the world of Hip Hop to get his perspective on the feud, between Kendrick and Drake. But it seems that Cole had something else in mind for his musical contribution.