Jeezy and Jeannie Mai Finalize Divorce 9 Months After Rapper Filed

A Fulton County court agreed to dissolve the marriage between the former 'The Real' co-host and rapper, per court documents.

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Jeezy, Jeannie Mai
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The separation of Jeezy and media personality Jeannie Mai has been finalized. They share a two year daughter named Monaco. They now have to address any remaining disagreements concerning their child.

As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Jeezy’s divorce initiated in September was officially concluded on Tuesday at the Fulton County Superior Court, in Georgia. Jeezy, also known as Jay Wayne Jenkins and Mai reached an agreement regarding child support and a parenting arrangement. The specifics remain undisclosed.

To safeguard the privacy of those involved “the harm resulting to the privacy of the parties and their child” while the exes were also ordered not to “disseminate, distribute, post, nor cause the dissemination, distribution of posting of the Settlement Agreement or Child Support Worksheet to any person or in any manner, including but no limited to any form of media, social media, or the internet.”

Jenkins proceeded with the divorce proceedings “with no hope for reconciliation” after two years after marrying Mai in Atlanta on March 27 2021. Since then the former couple has been embroiled in disputes and public conflicts. Mai accused Jenkins of infidelity and mistreatment while Jenkins alleged that Mai was a neglectful parent. A startling claim, from Mai suggested that Jeezy had left firearms to their daughter. Both sides have refuted each others claims, with Jenkins asserting that the abuse allegations are not just false but also concerning.

Jenkins and Mai began dating in 2018 following Mai’s divorce, from her ex husband, Freddy Harteis to whom she was married for 11 years. Jenkins, who had never been married prior to meeting Mai has three children, from relationships; sons Jadarius Jenkins and Shyheim Jenkins well as his eldest daughter Amra Nor Jenkins.