Jim Jones Brawls with Two Men on Airport Escalator, Claims Self-Defense

The video shows the rapper physically moving individuals while on an escalator.

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Photo: Getty Images

Jim Jones was reportedly involved in an altercation, at an airport over the weekend.

According to TMZ there is video footage showing the rapper from Harlem riding an escalator at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport accompanied by two individuals. An altercation ensued when the rapper got into a scuffle with a stranger on the escalator resulting in them being pushed down the steps and engaging in a confrontation.

Both Jones and his opponent tumbled to the bottom of the escalator where the altercation continued until a group of officers arrived to intervene and break up the fight. The incident left one man with injuries due to bleeding. Jones told TMZ “I was minding my business and defended myself. They got what they were looking for.”

Jones later posted a video letting everyone know that he was doing ok following the altercation. “I’m aight give me second…I’ll be right wit ya’ll”