Kendrick Lamar Drops Fourth Drake Diss, “Not Like Us,” Produced By Mustard

"Why he trollin' like a bi**h? Ain't you tired? Tryna strike a chord and it's probably A-Minor."

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Kendrick Lamar recently dropped another diss track aimed at Drake titled “Not Like Us.”

The song was released on a Saturday night featuring Kendrick rapping over beats produced by DJ Mustard, where he takes shots at Drake.

“You tried to strike a chord and it’s probably A minor,” K.Dot raps on the track, just one among several shots the Compton rapper sends at Drizzy in which he claims the Canadian is into underage girls.

“Say Drake, I hear you like ’em young You better not ever go to cell block one To any bitch that talk to him and layin’ love Just make sure you hide your little sister from ’em They tell me Chubbs the only one that get your hammy downs Then party at the party playin’ with his nose now […} Certified lover boy… certified pedophile”

The focus on tactics has been prominent in this feud, between them and Kendrick further emphasized this theme through the artwork accompanying his latest diss track.
The picture shows Drakes Toronto estate, with markers indicating sex offender apps placed on it alluding to Kendricks claims that the 6 God and his crew have  have committed sex crimes.

Kendrick also criticized Drake for teaming up with artists from Atlanta over the years, such as Future, 21 Savage and Lil Baby. Kendrick believes these collaborations are merely a facade for Drake to appear street smart without any connection “false street cred.” and also says Drake isn’t “a colleague” but rather “a fuckin’ colonizer.”

“Fast forward, 2024 you got the same agenda You run to Atlanta when you need a check balance Let me break it down for you, this the real n* challenge You called Future when you didn’t see the club Lil Baby help you get your lingo up 21 gave you false street cred Thug made you feel like you a slime in your head Quavo said you can be from northside Why 2 Chainz say you good, but he lied You run to Atlanta when you need a few dollars No you not a colleague, you a fuckin’ colonizer”

Listen to Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” up top.