Live Nation, Ticketmaster Confirms Hack Potentially Affecting More Than 500 Million Users

Hacking group reportedly demands ransom, threatens to sell personal information,

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live nation, ticketmaster

Ticketmaster has confirmed that they have experienced a security breach.

According to a report, from the New York Times the ticketing platform revealed in a document on Friday that the hacking group ShinyHunters has admitted to breaching data from over 500 million customers.

Live Nation Entertainment, the parent company of Ticketmaster detected “unauthorized activity”  in a third party cloud database.

ShinyHunters, a group since around 2020 has previously targeted companies like Microsoft and AT&T in efforts to acquire and sell information.

The first sign of the breach surfaced on Tuesday on BreachForums website, where the group claimed to have obtained data from 560 million Ticketmaster customers, including credit card details and ticket purchase information. The group allegedly demanded $500,000 for the data which reportedly amounted to 1.3 terabytes in size.

While the exact timeline of the breach remains unclear Ticketmaster became aware of this activity on May 20th.

“We are working to mitigate risk to our users and the company, and have notified and are cooperating with law enforcement,” read the filing, per the NY Times. “As appropriate, we are also notifying regulatory authorities and users with respect to unauthorized access to personal information.”

Live Nation mentioned in their report that they believe the data breach won’t have “a material impact on our overall business operations or on our financial condition or results of operations.”

According to Brett Callow, a cybersecurity expert at Emsisoft it might be an idea to update your Ticketmaster passwords as a step even though theres no clear evidence that passwords have been compromised.

The security incident occurred shortly after Ticketmaster faced scrutiny with the Justice Department filing a lawsuit, against Live Nation over allegations of holding a monopoly in the live entertainment industry.