Mike Tyson-Jake Paul Fight Postponed After Tyson’s Medical Scare

Tyson had an ulcer flare-up on a plane earlier this week.

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Mike Tyson, Jack Paul
Shareif Ziyadat / Getty Images

The long-awaited boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson has been officially delayed because of the health problem that Tyson experienced earlier this week.

Netflix announced on Friday that the fight will be rescheduled due to Tyson’s inability to train while recovering from an ulcer flare-up. The streaming company stated that the new date for the fight will be revealed “by the end of next week.”

“Unfortunately Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will not face-off on July 20 as planned,” read the tweet. “Tyson’s recent ulcer flare up has limited his ability to train fully for the next few weeks. The fight will be rescheduled for a date later this year after Mike’s able to resume training with no limitations and both fighters can have equal time to prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime matchup! Stay tuned for the new fight date to be announced by the end of next week.”

Touch Weekly was the first to report that Tyson had a health scare while on a flight to Los Angeles on May 26. A source stated that the flight was delayed because of the high temperatures in Miami.

“Mike had some kind of medical emergency on the plane and paramedics boarded,” said the source. “Before the paramedics arrived the flight issued an announcement asking for a doctor—the message even came on everyone’s screens.”

The source added, “He was in first class, but we were an exit row and the stewardess was very chatty. They asked us to stay on the plane and landed so paramedics could enter. She said something like, ‘He’s a really important passenger so we wanna make sure he’s OK.’ I knew it was him, but I just mouthed the words ‘Mike Tyson’ and she nodded her head yes.”

A spokesperson for Tyson informed The New York Post that the famous boxer was “doing great” and experienced nausea and dizziness caused by an ulcer flare-up half an hour before the plane landed.

Tyson jumped on X and provided his own update, saying “Now feeling 100% even though I don’t need to be to beat Jake Paul.”