NYC-Dublin ‘Portal’ Suspended After ‘Inappropriate Behavior’

The popular 'Portal' which was suspended after 'Inappropriate Behavior.' is back up and running again.

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NYC-Dublin 'Portal'

Since The Portal art project connecting Dublin and New York City was introduced people have been behaving in a inappropriate ways.

There were some incidents of behavior that caused the statue to temporarily stop operating. However, by Tuesday morning the popular NYC-Dublin ‘Portal’ which was suspended after ‘Inappropriate Behavior.’ was back up and running again.

While some of the behaviors during the shutdown were harmless like nudity being displayed there were also concerning occurrences such as images of 9/11 and swastikas appearing in experiences. These incidents are believed to be isolated cases and not reflective of the experience.

“While we cannot control all of these actions, we are implementing some technical solutions to address this and these will go live in the next 24 hours,” the Dublin City Council said when announcing a brief pause on Monday, per Time. “We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming days with our partners in New York to ensure that portals continue to deliver a positive experience for both cities and the world.”

One incident involved social media influencer and OnlyFans model Ava Louise, who is known for her involvement in the 2020 “coronavirus challenge.” Louise took responsibility, for the shutdown although this claim has not yet been confirmed.
Louise shared a video, on TikTok and Instagram revealing that she successfully shut down the connection between New York City and Dublin. Her intention was to show off her two potatoes from New York to the people of Dublin. Her plans were foiled due to the portals closure.

“So I just got the portal from New York City to Dublin shut down,” Louise said in a video shared to TikTok and Instagram on Monday.  “I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see my two New York homegrown potatoes, and then this happened.”

@realavalouiise #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen #nycportal #dublinportal ♬ original sound – Ava Louise

The New York City Portal can be found at the Flatiron South Public Plaza near the Flatiron Building while its Dublin counterpart faces O’Connell Street. According to Benediktas Gylys, the artist and creator of The Portal his creation aims to bring people of boundaries and disparities fostering a true global perspective. Gylys stresses the importance of nurturing a sense of interconnectedness among individuals who interact with strangers through The Portal.

Following an incident involving breasts being exposed some individuals have taken to editing scenarios into Portal images on social media. Moreover others have started proposing locations, for similar portals.

The initial Portals were first unveiled in 2021 for people living in Lublin and Vilnius. As, per the site the small group managing the initiative is currently able to build six Portals annually. Additional sites are expected to be set up in the years.