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Patrick Beverley Reportedly Banned From Guest Appearances On ESPN

The controversial point guard received criticism from members of the press for his disrespectful interaction with Malinda Adams.

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Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Patrick Beverley is facing backlash, for his conduct towards a journalist following the Milwaukee Bucks loss to the Indiana Pacers on Thursday evening.

After Milwaukees defeat in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference playoffs Pat Beverley had an exchange with ESPN producer Malinda Adams. He publicly questioned her about listening to his podcast and upon learning she wasn’t a subscriber he declined to proceed with the interview.

“You can’t interview me then. No disrespect. … Can you move that mic out my face please? Move that mic please, or just get out the circle please, for me, please, ma’am, if you’re not subscribed to my pod. I appreciate that, thank you.”

By the time Friday morning rolled around a number of known journalists stood up for Adams while criticizing Beverley for his behavior.

“Veteran producer Malinda Adams happens to be one of the most respected and professional people we have at ESPN,” NBA insider Brian Windhorst, also of ESPN, wrote on Twitter. “Bev, you’re going to have to make a couple apologies for stuff tonight.”

Another colleague from ESPN, Courtney Cronin supported Windhorst’s remarks by pointing out that Pat Beverleys behavior aligns with his conduct.

“Disgusting display of unprofessionalism,” Cronin said. “But those who have covered the NBA/teams Pat Bev has been on (there have been many) know these antics are unfortunately normal for him. Plenty of time to podcast now that your season is over, guy. Stop disrespecting people who are there to do a job. Enough.”

Fortunately Beverley promptly expressed regret. Malinda Adams took to Twitter to thank her colleagues for their support before mentioning that Pat Bev had personally apologized to her.

“I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support,” she tweeted. “I am humbled. Patrick Beverley just called me and apologized. I appreciate it and accept it. The Bucks also reached out to apologize. I’ve been in news for over 40 years and kindness and grace always win.”

Regardless of whether he apologizes or not Beverley has been barred from appearing on ESPN programs like Get Up and First Take, as per Front Office Sports.

The statement from an ESPN representative in the article emphasizes  “Malinda is a well-respected colleague and a true professional. She has our full support.”