Rick Ross Releases Video For Drake Diss Track ‘Champagne Moments’

The Miami-based rapper targets his former friend in new music video.

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The ongoing feud, between Drake and Rick Ross doesn’t require keeping score. The Miami rapper brings humor to the table. Draws from confrontations like his clash with 50 Cent in 2009. He swiftly responded to Drakes track “Push Ups”. Even dropped a video for “Champagne Moments” while promoting other projects.

In the visuals Ross is seated on a stool in what looks like an aircraft hangar, surrounded by his liquor brands and a flyer for a car show. An old school Chevy Bel Air in the background seems to referencing when he asked Drake if he “had an old-school Chevy, white boy” on Instagram Stories.

It’s uncertain whether Ross will emerge victorious or not in this rivalry. He’s known for his humor easily becoming meme material and always ready for battle. Despite being an adversary he comes across as relaxed on his turf blowing kisses and playfully taunting Drake. Surprisingly no one expected a music video for this track. Nevertheless Ross displayed shrewdness by taking cues from 50 Cents playbook and capitalizing on the opportunity to boost streams and promote his car show.

We will have to wait and see if Drake plans to respond with his own music video.