Travis Scott To Face Jury Trial Over Astroworld Lawsuits

The rapper's efforts to be dismissed from the lawsuit have been unsuccessful.

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Travis Scott has been summoned to appear in court regarding the Astroworld lawsuit.

Judge Kristen Hawkins denied Scott’s request to be excluded from the lawsuit as, per The Associated Press.

Hawkins decision follows an argument by Scotts attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, who claimed that Scott should not be responsible for overseeing safety measures at the 2021 Astroworld festival. Petrocelli asserted that Scotts primary responsibilities centered around control performing and promoting the festival.

“Like any other adrenaline-inducing diversion, music festivals must balance exhilaration with safety and security—but that balance is not the job of performing artists, even those involved in promoting and marketing performances,” Petrocelli expressed in March. “Which only makes sense: Performing artists, even those who engage in certain promotional activities, have no inherent expertise or specialized knowledge in concert safety measures, venue security protocols, or site design.”

However both the court and families impacted by the Astroworld tragedy disagreed with Petrocellis arguments. Noah Wexler, representing Madison Dubiskis family argued that the Houston rapper displayed a “conscious disregard for safety.” 

Dubiski argued that Travis Scott, also known as Jacques Bermon Webster II showed a lack of regard, for safety by encouraging individuals to breach security barriers and ignoring requests from festival officials to stop the concert when attendees were being crushed.

The initial court proceedings for the combined class action lawsuit are scheduled to commence on May 6.

At the November 2021 event held at Houstons NRG Park ten people tragically lost their lives. The youngest victim was a 9 year old named Ezra Blount, who lost his life in the midst of a crowd surge towards the stage. All fatalities were attributed to compression asphyxia.

In June 2023 it was announced that Webster would not be facing charges over the Astroworld fatalities. According to NBC News a Texas grand jury concluded that Scott was not accountable for the stampede that claimed ten lives at his music festival, in Houston. District Attorney Kim Ogg addressed this outcome in a press briefing.

“It is tragic that ten innocent people were killed while trying to enjoy an evening of music and entertainment, something many of us do routinely and without a second thought to our safety. But a tragedy isn’t always a crime, and not every death is a homicide,” Ogg said in a statement. “This grand jury’s determination has no impact on the many civil lawsuits pending.”