Vince Staples Drops New Song “Shame on the Devil,” Announces New Album ‘Dark Times’

'Dark Times' will mark his final project with Def Jam.

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Vince Staples is gearing up to drop his album, Dark Times signaling a new era, in his music career.

The first track off the album, titled “Shame on the Devil ” begins with Staples expressing a longing for love and connection. Throughout the song he engages in conversations with friends and hints at sensing a spiritual presence. Production credits for this track are attributed to Saint Mino, Tyler Page Joe Harrison and Michael Uzowuru. Feel free to check out the track here.

In an Instagram post revealing details about the album, Staples mentioned that Dark Times will mark his final project with Def Jam.

“11 years ago, a young, uncertain version of myself was given an opportunity with Def Jam Recordings,” Staples told fans on Sunday. “I released my first project under their banner, Shyne Coldchain Vol 2, a year later. I was unsure of what to expect from the world of music but deeply aware of what I needed: a change in my surroundings and a clear understanding of self. Ten years and seven projects later, I’ve found that clarity.”

Dark Times follows the praised The Vince Staples Show, which debuted on Netflix in February. During an interview with Complex Staples revealed that it took a decade for the series to come to fruition due to the complexities of the television industry.

“So it’s really a bunch of restarts,” Staples said at the time. “It requires a lot of patience and a lot of commitment, for lack of a better word. So just seeing that it came to fruition, I’m extremely grateful, especially for the people around me.”

If you haven’t had a chance to watch The Vince Staples Show from start, to finish now would be a time to do so. Watch now here.