WATCH: Balcony Precariously Shakes During Gunna’s “Fukumean” Performance at Detroit Show

The rapper is currently on his The Bittersweet Tour.

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Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Gunna‘s show at the Fox Theater, in Detroit almost turned into a disaster on Monday night when fans on the balcony got overly excited while dancing to Gunna’s hit song “Fukumean.”

A video posted on media captured the moment when fans were seen jumping around causing the balcony to shake precariously. The situation could have been dangerous with people below on the ground floor.

A similar incident took place in 2022 during a Baby Keem concert at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit. The rapper had to end his performance as the floor started to give way due to fans vigorous movements. Video footage showed the floor sinking beneath the venue.

From Keem’s Instagram story showing the floor breaking at St. Andrews, Detroit
byu/deadend1755 inBabyKeem

Venue officials clarified that a loose screw was responsible for halting the show as a safety measure. Keem addressed the audience warning them about the floor “The floor is cracking, so for y’all safety, for everyone’s safety…Detroit, I love you. Believe me when I say I’ll be back.”

He added on Twitter, “FUCK !!!!!!! DETROIT !!!!! WE BROKE THE FLOOR !!   ILL BE BACK !! BELIEVE THAT !!”

The city deemed the location unsafe and shut it down indefinitely. JID faced a situation back, in 2019 when authorities had to stop his performance, at Ithaca College because of flooring.