Webbie’s DJ Complained About His Job Before Committing Murder-Suicide

"I did all that sh*t with a smile on my face in front of thousands every night, but I was dying inside."

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DJ T Gutta, Webbie

Reports have emerged about the murder suicide involving T Gutta, the DJ, for Webbie, where he allegedly killed his wife before taking his life. The incident took place shortly after T Gutta vented his frustrations online expressing discontent with his work for the Louisiana based artist.

Emergency responders swiftly arrived at a residence in Powder Springs, Georgia on Sunday following reports of gunshots. Upon arrival they discovered two individuals at the scene. Powder Springs Police Captain J.W. Holcombe later confirmed that Natorius Brown, also known as “T Gutta” during performances had fatally shot Kalisha Seddens Dunn before turning the gun on himself.

Before the tragic event unfolded Brown posted a message on Facebook detailing his struggles while working with Webbie and accusing the artist of hindering others from achieving success or recognition.

“Dawg DJin for Webbie is a living hell!” he wrote. “1st That ni**a don’t want to pay. Then that ni**a don’t want to see nobody around him shine! Like nobody, not even his own brother…Why y’all think everybody left from around him? I was only supposed to be his tour DJ, but I had to be a driver, [doctor], security, PR, babysitter, booking agent, referee, counselor, road manager, and a list of other things,” the post read. “But yet this ni**a didn’t appreciate none of it. I did all that sh*t with a smile on my face in front of thousands every night, but I was dying inside. All the times he had seizures on the planes, on stages in the hotels, who y’all think was there? Me! Becuz his family ain’t wanna deal with him, or nobody on our team wanted to deal with him but me! Our driver quit cuz he ain’t wanna pay him. Then every time we would try to make our money in other ways, he always found a way to stop that too.

“So it’s like he don’t wanna pay but don’t want us eating nowhere else. Then the ni**a wanna get mad & in his feelings when Boosie need us to help him. The ni**a a straight hater! I can’t remember how many times he’s told me he don’t want nobody blowing up off his name! That’s why he don’t do features! & he don’t like taking pictures with other artist or fans. Ni**a think they tryna get shine off him.

In the second half of his message Gutta delved into how the alleged poor working conditions impacted his emotional state. He stressed that he wasn’t alone, in grappling with struggles due to Webbies behaviors. DJ T Gutta highlighted that another member of Webbies crew suffered a stroke while a producer on Savage Life 6 experienced a brain aneurysm. Additionally he pointed out that the rapper himself faced health issues exacerbated by “[snorting] dat dope.”

“It was days I straight dreaded going on tour with him. The ni**a complains about everything! Being around him is like having to take care of my kids!…The sh*t on the road was so bad our long time manager had a stroke and all, then the producer for Savage Life 6 had a brain aneurysm or something in that nature [because] he was stressed and all, Webbie wanted him to produce the whole album but not pay & didn’t wanna do the split sheets or nothing. Ni**a say ‘it’s my songs i should get all the money’.”

He continued, “And yes he has a health issue that causes him to have seizures but the get 10x worse when he snort dat dope! He gotta be the worse artist to DJ for. Yes, I DJ’d for him for 10 years but I was always hoping it would get better. Or another major artist would recognize my talent. But he blocked everything….I never asked dude for sh*t. I came around with my own everything! That Supa Unit sh*t is the biggest piece of bullsh*t. That sh*t is only designed so Derrick can get paid while everybody else do the work! He promises to help artist but never do. It was some good times, but it was more bad times than anything. I never in my life met somebody that complained more than him! The ni**a straight up miserable.”

As of now Webbie has not responded to either the incident or DJ T Guttas post.